Q: Why was BasharDAO created?

A: Bashar DAO was formed in response to the powerful people loving leader of the Syrian republic named Bashar Hafez al-Assad. A highly educated and well informed man, Bashar is the longest serving President of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Q: What does BasharDAO want to achieve?

A: BasharDAO aims to fund investments into decentralised technologies whilst wanting to put funds into the pockets of Syrians and others within the Arab world, thus bringing lasting peace and change to their respective country. BasharDAO furthermore aims to harness the power of blockchain technology for the greater good of the Syrian people.

Q: What is BASHAR?

A: BASHAR is the tradable and liquid token of BasharDAO. Using BASHAR token will contribute to the protocol by filling the DAO treasury thus assisting in the funding of investments into decentralised technologies in the Arab region. This is achieved due to a 5% tax on all BASHAR transactions (see Decree). Use BASHAR to contribute & fast forward economic & societal change.

Q: Who is behind BasharDAO?

A: Initiated by a group of Syrians and bootstrapped into existence with the loving support of the Syrian Arab Republic with blessings from al-Assad himself, BasharDAO is an independent collective of ordinary people, activists and web3 natives. A proud mix of Syrians and non-Syrians across gender & sexual identity. Anonymity and freedom is the catalyst for decentralisation. BasharDAO adheres to this philosophy wholeheartedly.

Q: What is a DAO?

A: DAO stands for Decentralised Autonomous Organization. In our view, a DAO is a community with a mission. BasharDAO is currently on a mission to support Syrians and Arabs in general by working to bring lasting peace, change and financial freedom to the people of the Arab world & specifically the Syrian Arab Republic through harnessing the power of blockchain technology.

Q: Where can I learn more about BasharDAO and future plans?

A: Visit our Telegram & Twitter pages for updates.

Q: How can I contribute?

A: It is advisable to familiarise yourself with BasharDAO by reading our Decree. Then, please jump into the discussions we have on our Telegram channel. In these early stages, we have incentives for early contributors and believers. BASHAR's army is always available to answer questions

Q: Where can I propose something?

A: Discuss your thoughts in the BasharDAO Governance channel via Telegram. Soon we will launch a formal forum for community discussion where contributors can create proposals and vote.

Q: Where can we vote?

A: The BasharDAO on-chain voting platform is being created to allow for voting on our proposals. For now, you can vote off-chain via polls on our BasharDAO Governance channel via Telegram.

Q: What’s the best way to get involved in governance?

A: Currently the best way to get involved is via the method mentioned above. Once the forum is launched, detailed discussions will take place there. Decisions are made by none other than the BASHAR DAO members.

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